Black Stax - Spell On You

I typically feel kind of weird about using this blog to promote my own work, but not this time. One of the cooler things that has happened this year is that I've been working with and assisting my brother The Notework aka The Note aka C-Note from Narcotik, part of the legendary Tribal Productions crew, with his video productions. In the last six months we've put together three different visuals for dope musicians here in Seattle.

Tilla V - Up, Up and Away

Fly Moon Royalty - In The Woods (Live at KEXP)

and our most recent project, Black Stax - Spell On You

Because of my particular focus on the era of Seattle hip-hop that spawned groups like Tribal Productions, this Black Stax project was a dream come true for me. Comprised of MC's Jace ECAj, Silas Black and songstress Felicia Loud, all three members have been putting in work in our scene here for a while now. I think the first music I heard from Jace and Black was likely a freestyle on a B-Mello tape that I'll have to dig up, then later through different incarnations in groups such as Blind Council, Jace & the 4th Party, Jasiri Media Group and the Silent Lambs Project.

Gene Dexter touches on this a bit, but I don't think the suggestion that Jace and Black are Shabazz Palaces before Shabazz Palaces is altogether inaccurate - an amusing comparison considering that Ish and Tendai of Shabazz were active in the scene at the exact same time that Jace and Black were.

Silas Black / Felicia Loud / Jace ECAj - Black Stax

To the particulars of the song, it is typical of the kind of magic that Jace, Black and Felicia Loud manifest when they combine forces. Over a crunchy, haunting musical backdrop provided by Amp Fire, all three members have the space to induce and summon verifiable spine tingling moments of their own. The songs semi unconventional arrangement of verse, sung verse, half verse and closing verse fits the overall vibe perfectly. This is not music made to conform or adapt to any perceived notion of what is likely to be accepted for pop consumption, and the truth of that unconformity is what you hear over the songs tidy 3:01 length.

Personally, I'm am beyond proud to have any role at all in being able to produce a visual representation of what I think is a fantastic song. The feeling of community, ancestry and kinship that we captured that day I think comes across perfectly in the video, which says a lot about my man The Note's direction.

For myself...I know the experience of shooting the video that day it is something that will stay in my mind and heart for the rest of my life.

Black Stax. 100% Townbiz.